Why Advertise On Connected TV?

Connected TV (CTV), also known as "OTT" (Over-The-Top), or Streaming Television is one of the fastest growing trends of our times and has resulted in a powerful shift of consumer viewing habits.

In Australia CTV has also grown phenominaly and is showing no signs of slowing down.CTV offers viewers the ability to be in control of their content journey, while also benefiting from the full TV screen experience.

The increase of CTV viewership is creating new and exciting opportunities for advertisers by combining the impact of conventional TV with the accuracy of Digital.

CTV offers great accountability and transparency for advertisers.

Compared to traditional TV advertising, advertising on FIBO is very cost effective

The FIBO Opportunity

FIBO TV is offering advertisers the opportunity to reach our exclusive local audience of Connected TV viewers right here in South Australia.

Connecting you with the locals and the people that can help drive your business.

Our first rollout is across Mount Barker, the largest town in the Adelaide Hills and the fastest growing in SA.

So why not join us today and be part of this exciting journey!

FIBO Advertising Options

Once the user starts using FIBO TV, there will be the opportunity for them to receive Pre-roll videos and display ads during their browsing experience.

The FIBO TV advertising opportunity currently offer the below options:


TV length video ads

( 5s,10,15s,30s)


TV Display banners

Billboard, Skyscrapers


Mobile Phone

Billboard banner

For more information on FIBO Media and our advertising options please contact us: